Trade Findings and Adjustments 03-05-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 03-05-2019

Well Crap !!!! Our markets are down on good news….. AGAIN?!?!?!!!

I’ve shown a small portfolio that started out at 27,500 this year.  It is my taxes portfolio because I sold a house, paid lots of things off and will have a huge, passive income long term, capital gains taxes due BUT I’m going to defer payment until Sept/Oct

BAC looks great because it is profitable BUT 10 contracts * 1.19 = Cost Basis of $1,125.00 /27500= 4%

Where is your risk tolerance?

Right not 1875 plus I have to add a $960 loss for a true cost basis of $2835

Current Value $2560 and I booked $575

Profitable?= (575 + (1875- 2560))=1260– 960 loss=$300

ALWAYS look at the whole picture and trust but verify.  

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