Trade Findings and Adjustments 07-11-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 07-11-2019

Earnings are coming up so I would be looking to be in collar trades or protective puts

My little slush fund account has no stock ownership, only options which are NOT marginable.

Which means I need to find a stock /ITM CC/ Protective Put stock ownership earning play

FCX Protective Put


Which one is better?

BIDU / Metric/ BABA

2.91M shares traded 17.47     = BABA

1.60 Beta 2.31                           = BIDU

349.51 M outstanding shares 2,592.18M = BIDU

8.65    Earnings 4.98                = BIDU

13.23  Valuation      33.52        = BIDU

46.21        Profit Margin 45.09 = BIDU

14.17 ROE      20.42%             = BABA

15.83  NET Profits  21.14        = BABA

15.60 Insider ownership 48.49 = toss up BABA

79.90 Institutional Owner    42.90 = BIDU

0.00 Short Float 6.36%           = BIDU

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