Trade Findings and Adjustments 07-16-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 07-16-2019

Times are volatile as we enter the earnings season, summer doldrums, lower volume which means bigger swings possible in the market, China deal far from being done, Cabinet member possibly close to being fired,

100% expectation for a July 31st Rate cut of 25 basis points, earnings season starts today, earnings forecasted and pre-announcements show multi-nationals not beating Wall Street’s forecasts

IF I was looking for new trades they would include stock ownership and at least a protective put, Maybe a full collar trade.

IF I was going to do a credit spread ie… BULL PUT I would be prepared to take stock ownership and collar the position through earnings (trade would be a pre earrings run expectation)

IF I was going to do a debit trade ie  BULL CALL I also would be getting out before earnings

I would not necessarily play a non-directional ( Strangle/Straddles)

The beauty of being registered and trading “REAL” money is you don’t have to be stupid and force your paper trade on people who might do a the trade in their real money accounts

BUT I would look for a EBAY, NFLX, ABT, GS,

OR I would look for a BIDU, V, BAC, DIS, F, FB, in a protective put per earnings play

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