Trade Findings and Adjustments 10-01-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 10-01-2019


Today the market fell 1% + on what?

ISM Manufacturing came in at 47.8 vs est 50.2

It came because we are in a trade war,

Freaking out on the impeachment down day last Monday cost you money by adding protection on that day during the volatility and turmoil. 



Hopefully you took profits on the $0.81 VZ Oct -4 -19 Bear call 53/60 and booked about $0.50

The Costco ITM bull Call is also doing ok and you just need a little time decay or a bump higher


Right now Protective puts are on AAPL, BIDU, BA, DIS, V, ZION, BAC, F, FB,

We are not necessarily protecting leap long calls because the protection is in the price of the leap which Is 5-7% of the overall value of the stock and we plan on Dollar cost averaging the position as needed. 

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